Wireless Gas Detection

AFS Petrologix is the exclusive distributor of BZ Sensor Solutions to the Oil & Gas Industry. These wireless gas detection systems are the premier engineered and manufactured systems in the industry. All components are UL Certified.
These systems include:

  • The BZ Gas Detector

A highly adaptable and expandable simple yet robust approach for addressing chemical threats on oil and gas rigs as well as industrial sites.

  • The BZ Estop

A wireless, emergency shut-off for key equipment that can be initiated on-site or from a remote location.

  • The BZ Control Interface
  • Manages the power supply to equipment in an emergency situation.

  • The BZ Sensor Interface
  • The key to making your sensors wireless. Communicating data and alert messages between individual devices.

  • The BZ Personnel Asset Tracker
  • A small, rugged GPS tracker designed for commercial and industrial use. This unit is used to track assets and movement of assets and / or personnel. It can be tracked via Google Earth or tactical maps. With these devices, nothing can hide.

    We offer custom engineered gas detection systems utilizing the industry's latest array of wireless and fixed gas detectors and systems from top vendors, all manufactured with the highest quality materials to deliver safety, comfort and ease of use.

    H2S Protection Services

    AFS Petrologix delivers H2S protection and safety services backed by in-house professionals with expertise in industrial breathing air systems, gas detection solutions and contingency planning to design a service package that fits your specific needs, ensures safe operations and protects your people and assets all while following BSEE and OSHA regulations.